Addons for YetiForce

Analyzer is the most perfect tool to display information about all the changes that take place in the system. It allows you to compare particular users’ activity and presents the complete overview of their behavior.

The tool allows managers to compare the work of individual employees, and what is more important, to go to a different place in the system directly from the module. For example, Analyzer allows you to open the list of Accounts that were altered, which makes it significantly easier to verify changes and work in the system.

When the tool is used by employees, it provides a complete set of information about changes that they have made in the system. It allows them to look back to any date and remind themselves of actions on records that were undertaken e.g. yesterday.

Analyzer's most important
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Actions' preview
The data presented in the module is collected for example when your users: view, create, edit, delete or restore deleted records, create or delete relations, as well as convert leads to accounts.
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Quick selection buttons
In order to simplify the operation, quick selection buttons for all actions and modules were added. You can select all available actions and modules with a single click. 
Specific time range
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The module allows to check the activity within a specified time range. This provides a clear insight into history of user's activity, which can be analyzed based on a single day, week, or even months.
Easy installation
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The installation process is very simple, but in case of problems, our team is always there to help. In addition, the module does not modify any system files due to full integration with the CRM system.
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Activity preview

At your request, we can send you a link to the test version of the module.

All funds collected from selling this module are going to be spent on the development of YetiForce.