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Development of open source CRM systems

on Friday, 28 October 2016. Posted in Open source

Choosing the right system in a company is a very important decision-making process, it is particularly important in the case of CRM systems because they influence marketing and sales departments and ultimately financial performance of a company. Therefore, before making a final decision, you should take a look at every possible aspect of the product that you plan to implement. It is particularly important because there is a great number of systems and therefore details often affect our choice.

Many projects can be found at GitHub (a platform for cooperating on software projects) and it also provides a possibility to compare particular systems according to many criterias, e.g. number of changes, popularity, code quality, the size of community. This article is going to focus on the number of changes which have a direct influence on development dynamics and innovation.

Myths about open source CRM systems

on Thursday, 27 October 2016. Posted in Open source

Open software (or as some refer to as the open source movement) is global group of individuals that use open source software licenses to develop software that is free for public use (source: Openness means that the code is available to everyone. The advantage is that there are no barriers to it's development. The value, better software available to everyone. The largest companies in the world often build competitive advantage thanks to the projects that have open source code. 

Open source has significantly influenced the technological development of companies around the world of which many people may not even be aware. Most companies around the world and unbeknownst to many employees is that opensource is used in a variety of business applications. 

Within the Internet it is possible to find many professional publications and popular articles. Many people and companies take these readings as gospel and make key business decisions based on what they learn. We hope to address a few different perspectives to consider some of the viewpoints many of these articles mistakenly miss.


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