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3 reasons why you should update your CRM system

CRM vendors regularly release update packages and new system versions for a reason. Improvements are necessary for the applications to work properly and perform their functions. Outdated software may even be harmful to users. What are the 3 primary reasons why it is necessary to update your CRM system?

Development of CRM functionality

Every software vendor aspires to offer the best software and strives for its continuous development. There is no program that can't be further refined by adding new functions or improving those already available.
Developing and refining software functionality allows for the tool to fulfill its purpose even better. New features enhance the possibilities of the software.
Only regular updates provide access to all currently available modules and functionalities. This guarantees that your CRM can be used to its full potential.

Bug fixing

Every system has bugs that interfere with its proper operation. There might be an icon that isn't displayed, a broken link, an error message. Unfortunately, they are often unavoidable.
Software producers regularly fix these problems to ensure using the highest quality of software. By installing the update you can limit the number of errors present in the CRM, and therefore decrease the number of bugs that might cause the system to malfunction.

Protection against hacker attacks

The software has protection against hacker attacks to ensure data security. Unfortunately, there are often vulnerabilities in these mechanisms and sooner or later they can be found. Therefore, CRM vendors regularly analyze code to find these vulnerabilities and fix them so that the new software version is already protected against attacks aimed at this vulnerability.
If you don't update your software regularly, it will pose a security threat. Hackers can steal, for example, the company's financial reports, information about conducted projects or customer data. This exposes the company to both - harming its image and real financial losses because of fines related to GDPR.

Some companies avoid updating their CRM system because this process might seem difficult or they think it may disrupt the work of the entire enterprise or cause data loss.

However, you don't have to perform the update all by yourself. YetiForce experts can support you as they know the system best. You will be certain to avoid any data loss and the interruption in access to the system will be minimized.

We offer the update package to the latest stable version of YetiForce CRM so that you will be able to use all available system functionalities safely and easily.

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