Friday, 09 August 2019 12:00

6 months on Crowdin - our achievements [INFOGRAPHIC]

We began using the Crowdin community translation platform six months ago. This is the perfect time to reflect on our successes. What have we managed to achieve?

What is Crowdin?

Crowdin is a platform where the community can translate the software to any language from the world. Community translations are one of the latest technology trends and we, as the software producer, couldn’t miss the opportunity to make it possible to use YetiForce CRM by as many people as possible in their mother tongue. More information about our activities can be found in a tab dedicated to this platform.

What are our successes on Crowdin?

The YetiForce CRM Community on Crowdin already consists of 57 contributors. Thank you for your efforts and commitment to such a demanding task. We keep getting closer to our first goal: translating YetiForce CRM into 30 languages. Some of them are still waiting for someone to begin translating - join our project.

Especially for you, we have prepared the most important statistics to present our previous activities.

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