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Comparison of open source CRM systems' development

Choosing the right system in a company is a very important decision-making process, it is particularly important in the case of CRM systems because they influence marketing and sales departments and ultimately the financial performance of a company. Therefore, before making a final decision, you should take a look at every possible aspect of the product that you plan to implement. It is particularly important because there is a great number of systems and therefore details often affect our choice.
Many projects can be found at GitHub (a platform for cooperating on software projects) and it also provides a possibility to compare particular systems according to many criteria, e.g. number of changes, popularity, code quality, the size of the community. This article is going to focus on the number of changes that have a direct influence on development dynamics and innovation. 

Number of changes in open source CRMs

rozwoj 1
Comparison of CRM systems according to the number of changes (period of 12 months divided by weeks)
 rozwoj 2
Comparison of CRM systems according to the number of changes (period of 12 months in total)


All data used to create the graphs was obtained from the public information available at GitHub. By analyzing the number of changes, it can be concluded that projects such as VtigerCE or SugarCE aren’t developed (don’t have an active community or the provider no longer supports the project). From a time perspective these projects will deviate in a significant way - function-, business- and security-wise, from systems that develop dynamically (YetiForce, ODOO). The assessment of development dynamics is one of the most decisive factors for any company that takes into consideration the future of their product.
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