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How does the calendar increase teamwork efficiency?

A well-organized calendar is essential for effective work management of each company. Advanced functions are able to significantly improve your teamwork, organize the schedule of activities and help employees with appointment reminders or arranging the best time for meetings.

The release of YetiForce CRM 5 brought an expanded and improved calendar, so it has become even more simple and intuitive. We have added new features, and those that were available earlier have been improved in order to increase the functionality and convenience of use. An optimized calendar brings more opportunities to systematize work.

Productive organization of meetings

Planning the meetings can be a real torment. Arranging dates suitable for everyone and forgetting to add meetings to the calendar - what if you could avoid it?

YetiForce CRM has features that improve event planning, including group meetings. The ordered calendar doesn’t allow you to overlap your plans, postpone and cancel forgotten meetings. As a result, you manage teamwork more effectively and the process of task implementation is even more efficient.

Has it ever happened to you that when you wanted to make an appointment with someone and sent many e-mails with questions about time availability, you received no answer? How much time did you waste on exchanging such e-mails and how they delayed the initiation of activities? The solution is simple - calendar view filled in with plans of selected people. When setting a date for a group meeting, you don't need to ask other people for available dates, you can check the availability of your colleagues yourself. Thanks to this you will accelerate the process of arranging meetings and limit the number of exchanged e-mails. yetiforce_crm_-_calendar_view_with_personal_entries
yetiforce_crm_-_finding_the_nearest_free_date To make group event planning easier, we used elements of artificial intelligence in YetiForce CRM. In each text field, you can enter content by voice in devices that support this function. When adding a new activity to the Calendar, there is the function of finding the earliest available time suitable for everyone. One click saves time that you would have to devote to analyzing the availability of many people.
You can’t only see the plans of other employees but also add meetings and To Dos to their calendars. You are certain that the event will be included in their schedule and won't be missed, in comparison to what happens in the case of arranging events by e-mails. yetiforce_crm_-_adding_entries_to_employees'_calendars

Better time organization

Appropriate time management is an extremely useful skill. Unfortunately, many people have a problem with it but it isn't their fault because it's often caused by information chaos. In such moments, a tool, which will properly organize information, is useful as it will help with planning the activities.

The YetiForce CRM calendar gives you the opportunity to enter events to the timetables of other people, including many employees at once. You can efficiently manage the calendar of any group - department, project or the entire company. Status meeting? Company retreat? Creating users group in the system gives you the possibility to conveniently plan group events. yetiforce_crm_-_user_groups
yetiforce_crm_-_diverse_coloring_of_calendar_events In other calendars, it is difficult to recognize whether a given date concerns, for example, a meeting or a phone call. Additionally, if you display many people's calendars at the same time, the view becomes even less transparent. The use of different colors in the YetiForce CRM calendar eliminates this problem. Events from different categories are in various colors while the colored square next to the event indicates an employee to whom it is assigned to.
You can add e-mails to the calendar directly from your mailbox when you try to arrange a meeting or any other event. In addition, if an e-mail is related to the project in the CRM, an added event will also be related to it. yetiforce_crm_-_adding_events_to_calendar_directly_from_the_email_client
yetiforce_crm_-_filtering_calendar_events Filtering your calendar records has never been this easy. You can select event types with just a single click and you will be able to see only events of the selected type - meetings, calls or tasks.
Advanced filtering options guarantee high analytical capabilities of the calendar. Events can be filtered by the information entered - e.g. category, date, responsible person, status, etc. Do you want to check what tasks you have assigned to another employee and which of them have not yet been completed? Or how many tasks employees already have? Nothing could be easier. Select the relevant filtering options to see a tasks list that meets these requirements. yetiforce_crm_-_advanced_filtering_options

Easier remote work

Do you sometimes work from home or travel to clients? Certainly, you have had problems related to the lack of access to information from the calendar - whether a paper calendar or saved on another device. Maybe you wanted to check in the evening what tasks are waiting for you the next day, but you left the computer in the office? Or maybe you work in several places and have to coordinate the duties of several people, but your calendars are not synced?
YetiForce CRM can be integrated with any software or device in the CalDAV standard. Therefore, you have access to the calendar from any place on any device using any tool - from a phone, tablet, computer, browser or Outlook.

Better task implementation

The tools from the YetiForce CRM calendar allow employees to work more effectively thanks to better organization of daily activities and more effective project management. No longer will you waste time on unnecessary e-mails, saving important data in many places and the chaos caused by forwarding information via e-mail or telephone.

Find out how the improved YetiForce CRM will help your company increase the effectiveness of activities. Download the latest version of YetiForce CRM 5 for free!

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