Tuesday, 23 April 2019 12:00

How does the data preview in the CRM system increase employee productivity?

A minor improvement can sometimes significantly organize work and save employees' time. Therefore, when we develop YetiForce CRM, we also pay attention to details related to its functioning.

List with preview

Opening new tabs and switching between them can be also tedious when you review multiple accounts, sales orders or projects. How many times have you searched for information and each time you had to open a new tab in your browser and then return to the records list again? Thanks to the transparent records preview list, you can avoid it.

When you open e.g. a contact list, you can select the "records preview list" from the drop-down menu. Then on the left, you will see a list of records, while on the right you will see information about the contact. Now you can easily switch records to quickly find the information you need.


Attachments’ preview

We are aware of the fact that quick access to information is crucial and how tedious it can be to switch tabs to find the necessary data. Therefore, when we were working on increasing the usability of the system, we focused our attention on improving the display of documents attached to the records.

Attachments preview is now even more simple thanks to thumbnails of graphics and photos in record's details view. You no longer need to switch between tabs to open a screenshot with an error message from a customer or to see the proposal of a new package for a product.

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