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How to carry out projects more efficiently with the Gantt chart?

Do you feel like the projects you are working on are not going as smoothly as they should? The key to running a successful project is the Gantt chart.

What is a Gantt chart?

Gantt charts are tools used to control working time, especially useful for project teams. They allow you to virtualize the task schedule in the form of a chart, plan milestones and tasks for many people.


Basic information visible in a Gantt chart is a list of tasks (vertically) and a timeline (horizontally). Remaining data that can be found in such a chart are:

  • name of the employee responsible for each task/milestone,
  • number of hours dedicated to work on each task/milestone,
  • priority,
  • completion level,
  • stage,
  • dependencies among tasks.

This form of presenting a project helps you show its course in a transparent manner. Right away you can see which milestones or tasks have been finished and how much time was needed. You can verify if deadlines are kept and whether or not the project might be delayed. It allows you to act quickly - update the actual completion time or speed up your team’s work.

How have we improved Gantt charts?

While improving Gantt charts in YetiForce CRM 5 we focused on increasing their efficiency. We want them to be as convenient as possible and to actually improve the users’ quality of work. We also improved the way task completion percentage is calculated. The entire chart is more transparent and all the options more visible.
Moreover, we increased their responsiveness - now you can easily use them on mobile devices or in smaller browser windows.

Carry out projects more successfully

Gantt charts will allow you to carry out projects more efficiently and increase your team’s productivity. Thanks to clear schedules, everyone involved knows when they join the project, when the deadlines are, and who they work with during each phase.

Data are presented in real time. Entering data into the CRM regularly by all the employees allows the management to control the workload more efficiently - they can access their employees’ duties. Thanks to that, the work time is used more productively.

Information about completed tasks, started stages, or project completion does not have to be sent between users. Each project team member can view information about the current stage of the project in order to avoid redundant messages and speed up communication.

Find out how the improved YetiForce CRM will help your company increase the effectiveness of activities. Download the latest version!

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