Tuesday, 02 July 2019 12:00

How to manage sales more efficiently with advanced data filters?

CRM system fulfills its basic function well only when it is filled in with valuable data about customers and the company’s processes. Such data allows for a better understanding of obtained information and making the right business decisions. Advanced data filtering enables detailed analysis and effective drawing of conclusions. What filtering capabilities does YetiForce CRM have that aren’t available in other systems?

Advanced filtering capabilities

We improved the way you filter data in YetiForce. Pieces of information between modules are now integrated - which allows you to take into consideration information available in other places in the system. It gives you analysis capabilities unavailable until now!

You can share the filters you created with other users. You can provide additional information in the filter description that will make it easier for others to find the right filter. Filters that you use regularly can be marked as favorite in order to make them easier to access. You can add filtering results to the dashboard to see them on the first screen when you launch the system - for example, leads that belong to a certain sales person, and whose status is “contact in the future”. Duplicate filter allows you to remove duplicate entries from the database - for example, a lead that was entered into the system several times, or an account that you accidentally duplicated.

Draw conclusions more effectively

Filters allow for quick and convenient access to required data. Among the sets of information, there are often such items that distort the results, are unnecessary at a given moment and make it difficult to understand the situation. Filters allow to temporarily hide unnecessary information and get access only to the pieces you need for comprehensive analysis. Working with data becomes more efficient and quicker.

Recently, companies realized how important it is to have precise information. However, understanding the information is the foundation of running a business. CRM is the best place to draw conclusions from the available data. Knowledge about customers, their habits and preferences allows them to better understand their needs and approach them more effectively. What day is the most popular for shopping on your website? From what industry is the majority of customers? What time are customers more likely to answer phone calls? Which advertising campaigns generated the greatest number of leads?


Integrated filtering available in YetiForce CRM allows you to find information that is not available at a glance. You can identify leads obtained in the advertising campaigns with a specific status or transactions ended with sales in a given time period.

These are just examples of information that CRM stores. Saving advertising and sales activities allow for further analysis of their effectiveness. It is a wealth of information that can be utilized for real activities.

Make better business decisions

If you understand how your clients make a decision about a purchase you will be able to reach them with your message more efficiently - at the right time, with the right product suggestion, using the right tools and arguments. Thanks to filtering marketing campaigns you can find the ones that generated the biggest number of leads for the lowest cost. Product sales analysis lets you adjust your offer - filters will point out the bestsellers and the products sold less frequently.

Filtering is not only a way to verify the results of your operations, it is also a way to manage processes, for example, the sales process. It allows you to assign prospects to sales people - you can filter positions by contact status, or you can check your employees’ workload. You will not miss any opportunity thanks to verification of the leads that have not yet been contacted by your sales representatives, or the ones waiting for follow up.

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