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Quick and efficient deployment of a CRM system in the cloud - how to do it the smart way

Is your company considering purchasing a CRM system? Are you thinking about migrating to the cloud? Are you wondering if implementing the cloud in your company is going to overwhelm your team? Find out how to quickly and efficiently deploy a CRM.

Why cloud instead of on-premise?

  • Implementing a CRM system in a cloud is quicker
    Choosing a cloud based CRM will allow you to limit the number of physical servers needed in the company. You will not have to invest in the hardware and configuration, which decreases the time required to prepare the company for an implementation of a new system.

    The vendor installs and configures the CRM, and you simply start using it. You do not have to worry about server settings - you receive a product that is ready to use. You also do not have to install the CRM on all devices. All you have to do is grant the users access to the system so that everyone in the company can use the system in the cloud.

  • You do not have to be an expert
    The cloud provider performs the setup so there is no need for your company to hire a person who has expert level knowledge on this topic. YetiForce provides the users with an intuitive system that can be used fully independently. All technical issues related to the hosting are taken care of by the vendor.
  • The vendor performs the deployment
    If you choose to install the system in the cloud, you can be sure that the implementation will be performed by experienced programmers with complete knowledge of the system. Thanks to this, the whole migration process will be carried out quickly, efficiently and will not disturb the work of your organization.

Will a cloud based CRM work in my company?

Many companies are still apprehensive when it comes to cloud services. However, nowadays there are no obstacles to the implementation of cloud services in a company. Apart from one - a psychological barrier. Companies do not trust clouds because they consider them a technological gimmick, and not a stable, completely secure solution. It is a misconception, as the cloud market is developed enough to ensure the full functionality of the provided services. Their security level often surpasses the traditional physical servers.

How to prepare a company for a cloud based CRM deployment?

There are no contraindications to migrating to the cloud, nor special procedures that a company must undergo to be able to use these services. However, in order to make sure the migration process runs smoothly, it is worth organizing data and information before the process begins. YetiForce often advises the clients to determine the number of servers they own and the dependencies between them prior to migration. We also recommend verifying the migration and disaster recovery procedures.

From our experience we know that organizing the data facilitates the deployment and speeds up the process. This allows the migration to be performed smoothly and safely.

Cloud solutions for CRM systems are secure and worth recommending to companies of all sizes. Before you choose a vendor consider the overall quality of their services and prices for specific parameters. Check YetiForce’s Cloud services.

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