Thursday, 10 August 2017 07:37

Streamlining Modules

Perhaps the most important and unique aspect of YetiForce is that our CRM software, developed by an open source community is completely free and available for everyone. We offer an opportunity to divert the costs of expensive licenses towards custom built systems, tailored exactly to your specifications. YetiForce can and has designed "paid for" modules for particular customers' needs. At present all modules available by default in the CRM remain free of charge for you to use to their fullest capacity, and those we developed for our clients will also become free once they reach a certain amount of purchases. 

How does this business model bring an additional value? YetiForce decides which modules to include in the software and which ones we deem unnecessary. YetiForce will not allow outside developers to design modules and charge money for them. We choose our developing partners with extreme care and with attention to usefulness and security. Many of our competitors offer a wide range of add-on modules with costs ranging from $5 to $500, for features such as PDF maker, duplicate check and merge, as well as over 50 other data modules that can be confusing and hard to figure out.  Why having three different duplicate finders? Which one works the best? YetiForce has streamlined a set of modules that will enable your system to work precisely as you need.  


Paid modules on Vtiger that are free on YetiForce

1. [$200] GeoTools
2. [$100] PDFMaker
3. [$500] Duplicate Check & Merge
4. [$250] Document/Folder Manager
5. [$20] Mass Map
6. [$300] Profit Calculator
YetiForce is determined to create CRM software that not only meets the highest business demands but does so in a manner that enables its users to access what is important for their daily tasks. As an open source company we look forward to bringing to the business world new tools that will make a difference in how you manage your customer relationships.

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