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Support YetiForce on its way to becoming the best CRM in the world

What is crowdfunding?

We described in detail what crowdfunding is and how it supports business in our article What is crowdfunding and how does it support business development?

In short, we remind that crowdfunding is a method of collecting funds among the community in order to carry out projects. It is also used by businesses to receive support from individuals who want to help to pursue a company’s mission.

What is the purpose of this collection?

Since the early beginning of YetiForce CRM, we have been continuously improving the system. We want it to meet all your expectations - we strive to become the best CRM system in the world! We listen to your opinions and consistently implement suggested changes at the same time continuously improving YetiForce CRM.

The greatest changes we are currently planning are the three new functionalities:

  • the Reports module,
  • the Webforms module,
  • Integration with PBX,
as well as assigning a dedicated full time developer who is going to provide support for the issues reported by our GitHub community.

Why do we need help?

YetiForce CRM is completely free. We don’t make any profit from the software itself, therefore we need some extra resources to keep it that way.

As the producer of an open source CRM we actively contribute to the development of this movement. We’re active members of the GitHub community and share our code pro bono. Thanks to your support we can keep dynamically developing our project and thus contribute to open source even more.

We’ve developed the system extensively during the last year and the fifth version of YetiForce CRM has been released. We’re currently working on a new graphic design for the system and we’re planning even more changes. Both the people and the company change as well. New members have joined our team and we keep doing our best to improve the product we publish for you.


Our efforts are appreciated both by customers as well as independent rankings. Our greatest pride is the title of “The most affordable CRM system in the world” received from Capterra. SoftwareAdvice placed us in the “FrontRunners for CRM software” and G2 Crowd granted us the title of “High Performer in the CRM category”. One of the prestigious companies in the insurance sector trusted us and together we carried out the implementation for over 12,500 users. What is more, one of the Polish Ministries decided to have YetiForce CRM adjusted in such a way it has become the central system for the project management.

capterra_-_most_affordable_crm_software_in_the_world softwareadvice_-_frontrunners_2019_for_crm_software g2crowd_-_high_performer_in_crm_category

How can you support us?

Help us develop YetiForce CRM and the open source movement. Thanks to your help we have a chance to become the best CRM system in the world!

You are only two steps away from doing that:

  1. Visit our Open Collective profile.
  2. Pick the donation amount and type that you find most suitable.

Source: Open Collective

You also benefit from each donation - all the tiers include information what you’ll get as a “thank you” from us. Thanks for joining our initiative!

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