Thursday, 10 August 2017 08:00

YetiForce 4.0 is just round the corner! 100% open source

Over the past three months, we have been developing and improving YetiForce in order to meet the expectations imposed on us by some of the largest companies in Poland. As a software vendor not only do we have to deliver current projects to our valued customers but also revise and improve the most modern opens source CRM system in the world so that YetiForce will be able to participate in projects that demand the highest international standards.  It is YetiForce's determination to match and exceed our fiercest competitors who provide commercial solutions, such as Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SugarCRM.

We believe that YetiForce no longer competes for being the best open source CRM system, but we aim for being the best CRM system in the world. In the open source sector, you can find many interesting projects, e.g Vtiger, SugarCE, SuiteCRM, EPESI, coreBOS, ODOO, etc. However, the new version of YetiForce brings many innovative changes that won’t be found in many other open source projects, so it is necessary to underline some of them:
1. A new database engine that acts as an intermediary between an application and PDO. It allows for building database queries in the form of objects, and it enables communications with various database engines, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL etc. When a developer writes an SQL query in the form of an object, then the application converts the object to an adequate query in SQL-92 standard depending on the database engines.
2. Improved system performance - up to 2200% in some places. The reason for such a vast optimization was successful performance tests for 12.000 + users (including 2.000 users online) to meet the expectations of the largest companies in Poland. When deploying the system on a massive scale, each optimization of the system has an effect, and our team introduced over 250 optimization improvements and refactored over 30% of the code. Within two years, we have removed over 50% of the redundant code that was acquired from Vtiger.
3. Compatibility with PHP 7.1.

4. Increased security in YetiForce due to thorough security tests performed in the last four months by three international independent companies:

  • the first company specializes in security audits;
  • the second company is one of the largest companies from the insurance sector in Europe;
  • the third company is one of the largest companies from the finance sector in the world.

In addition to the significant number of changes added to the system, we have also introduced many new solutions that will satisfy a lot of users. The new version of the system already includes the following:

  • over 1400 changes at GitHub,
  • over 30 improvements in existing functionalities,
  • over 20 new tools for users and admins,
  • over 100 hotfixes proposed by the community.
The new version will be released at the beginning of February but you can already test the system here and create the best open source CRM system together with us. Join our community at LinkedIn and GitHub.
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