Tuesday, 12 March 2019 12:00

YetiForce CRM 5 - even easier to use!

When we develop YetiForce CRM we do our best to make it as user friendly as possible. We constantly improve elements that impact the usefulness of the system.

Easy to use CRM

When we started working on YetiForce CRM 5 we identified 5 main areas related to usefulness that required some changes and we improved them.

We improved the calendar, which now has more options to systematize work. You can preview tasks scheduled for a given month and you can filter events by categories. When you add a new event you can see if there is anything else planned for that day. The new calendar allows you to switch between users to adjust the schedule to all the people involved. yetiforce_crm_-_calendar
yetiforce_crm_-_attachment_preview We introduced a new, convenient attachment preview. Now you can quickly preview images with just one click. Attached graphics, pictures, and screenshots - showing you for example complaints, technical issues, or information about your competition can be previewed at the records list level without having to open any records.
We simplified mass issuing invoices. Now you can quickly select several orders from one client and convert them to one collective invoice. yetiforce_crm_-_summary_invoices
yetiforce_crm_-_list_with_preview Module views have also been created keeping users’ convenience in mind. You can use the records preview list to quickly switch between records while at the same time being able to see the list of records and preview their details.
We made it possible to fully manage data removed from the system. In the new Recycle bin tab, you can find all the removed data that can be restored if needed. yetiforce_crm_-_management_of_data_removed_from_the_system

See how YetiForce CRM has become even better than before. Download the latest version of YetiForce CRM 5 for free and improve your company’s workflow.

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