Tuesday, 11 June 2019 12:00

YetiForce CRM 5 - even more effective data analysis!

CRM system is mainly a place to analyse information about the company's partners. The thorough data analysis helps to make key business decisions.

Data analysis in CRM

Keeping strategic company management in mind while developing YetiForce CRM 5, we polished 3 functionalities that significantly facilitate these processes:

  • Integrated and expanded filtering options - when you create filters you can use columns with data from other modules. It allows you to filter promoted products by campaign, advertising costs, and sales results. Due to that, the system now has even greater capabilities than before.
  • Optimised view of the Gantt chart. It is more intuitive and transparent in all projects. We have increased its responsiveness and improved the conversion of targets realisation. It enables more effective project management.
  • New PDF generator - creating PDF templates is easier and more intuitive. We wrote the entire library from scratch, which resulted in substituting TCPDF and mpdf libraries with the new original YetiForcePDF library. It is more flexible to integrate and not only contains less code, but the code now is of much higher quality.

See how YetiForce CRM has become even better than before. Download the latest version of YetiForce CRM 5 for free and improve your company’s workflow.

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