Tuesday, 21 May 2019 12:00

YetiForce CRM 5 - even more efficient communication!

We know how important proper communication is - both external, for example in social media, as well as internal communication within a company. Efficient and uninterrupted information flow between employees can be crucial for the implementation of projects.

Communication activities in the CRM system

The right communication is crucial - this includes communication with clients as well as internal communication between company's employees. While working on the development of YetiForce CRM, we want to make as easy as possible for you to communicate. Therefore, we are developing tools for internal communication.

  • External chats, especially group chats, are often not very transparent and make communication difficult. Having such experiences, we created an intuitive chat integrated with CRM projects.
  • All involved employees have access to chat, and chat threads are centered around a given project.
  • We introduced the "Favorite" function to mark records from the entire CRM system. It allows you to access the most important or current topics (customers, sales orders, competitors, etc.) directly from the chat.
  • We also refined the chat visually. A wide range of emoji is now at your disposal and will reflect an emotional background of your messages better than the text itself. Each system user can set their profile picture so that no one has any doubts with whom they contact. This is especially useful in large organizations where not everyone knows each other personally.

See how YetiForce CRM has become even better than before. Download the latest version of YetiForce CRM 5 for free and improve your company’s workflow.

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