Thursday, 14 February 2019 12:00

YetiForce CRM 5 is already available! Even better free CRM for your company

We are incredibly proud of our developers’ and Community members’ work in the development of the system. Thank you for the time invested in improving YetiForce CRM. Together we create a system that has the potential to become the best CRM system in the world.

What’s new in YetiForce CRM 5?

YetiForce CRM 5 brings a lot of new functionalities. In total, we have introduced over 160 improvements in the system. Some of them are minor adjustments while others are large and significant changes. What did we change?

  • Comprehensive calendar, which now has greater capabilities for systematization and work control - we have expanded the preview and filtering options.
  • Improvement of system analytical capabilities through expanding filtering options. Now, when you create filters, you can use columns from other modules as in the Reports modules.
  • Improvement of chat through adding emoticons, employee photos, and the “favorite” option. Now, you don’t need external communicators - YetiForce CRM offers a chat integrated with data in the system.
  • Library used to generate PDF files has been rewritten. As a result, previous TCPDF and mpdf libraries were replaced with a new and original YetiForcePDF library.
  • A mechanism for notifying about security gaps in the libraries used in YetiForce CRM. You can be certain that the system will notify you in a timely manner about detected vulnerabilities in the code.
  • A panel for backup management has been improved. All backup copies can be found and verified in one place.

See how YetiForce CRM has become even better than before. Download the latest version of YetiForce CRM 5 for free and improve your company’s workflow.

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