Friday, 20 September 2019 12:00

YetiForce CRM 5.2 - update your system

We keep working on perfecting YetiForce CRM. The latest version with new solutions, patches, and improvements has just been published. YetiForce CRM 5.2 is already here!

We change YetiForce CRM for you. We work tirelessly every day to develop new functionalities, improve the existing ones, and fix bugs. We aim at making the system easy to use, fully secure, and enjoyable.

The new version brings a lot of changes, including:

New space for your Knowledge Base for your employees - this is where the users can find all necessary materials, organized by categories. yetiforce_crm_-_knowledge_base
yetiforce_crm_-_advanced_tickets_system Advanced ticketing process - each ticket in the system has its status that is clearly visualized in the form of a progress bar.
Marketplace tab added to the admin panel - now you can browse our services and additional modules directly in your CRM. yetiforce_crm_-_store

The complete changelog can be found in our GitHub repository.

Check how YetiForce CRM 5.2 can help your company increase sales profits.

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