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YetiForce named #1 Most Affordable CRM Software in Capterra's new ranking

Three years ago, we decided (together with a group of people) to create our own product that would not only be open but also unique and exceptional in our market. In fact, we started building the product for the Polish market, as well as for companies around the world, and that meant competing with companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SugarCRM, and thousands of other companies with far larger budgets for marketing than we had for the entire company!

Building a company

When creating a small software company, the first and most important component is the team. However, it is also one of the hardest tasks because usually large amounts of money are required, e.g. Base CRM received over 200 million for development. We had nothing except a small budget (300.000 zł) for a five-person team for a few months. We had to invest in people, their development and ignite the passion for the product in them.

When you have a unique team, you need to choose a product to start from or to base on, so that you don’t have to create everything from scratch. Back then, we chose the very popular open system called VtigerCRM and created our own fork and called it YetiForce. Unfortunately, the cooperation with Vtiger’s producer wasn’t possible (the producer wasn’t interested in cooperation), so we chose our own and independent path.

When we had the team and the initial product, it was necessary to create a coherent company’s strategy, which with such a small budget, allowed not only to create software, but also to create it faster than the competition. At that time, we decided to cooperate with only those customers who have a real impact on product development and, now looking from the perspective of time, it was the most important business decision that influenced our position today. 

Creating the innovative product


The biggest problem with all open CRM systems that I know is the code quality because it doesn’t comply with the current standards. The problem wasn’t the fact that the producers created bad products, but it was because of the changes in programming expertise over the past few years so that currently it is possible to program in a way that allows to adapt to real-time changes. Not only have we expanded the system significantly, but also removed more than half of Vtiger’s code and optimized the existing code!


Creating a secure solution was the second problem, because in Poland there are few developers with adequate security knowledge, so we decided to educate the entire team. This involved monthly audits from an external company specialized in security and resulted in producing a safer product by the team. 


Our customers got used to the flexibility offered by YetiForce as opposed to many other large products such as Salesforce or Dynamics where any changes in the look and feel, functionality or processes are difficult to implement or often even impossible while in the open projects there are no restrictions to such changes. The strategy, which helped us improve the flexibility, involved creating configurable functionalities that became universal for all customers. Although we often needed to invest our own time and resources, we developed customizable solutions instead of dedicated ones, which would be used only in one company. This way customers received the product that was easier to adapt to their company’s development.

Success achieved on a global scale 

Although neither the product nor the company were promoted in any way, and we don’t have a marketing or sales department, we have accomplished two significant achievements. The first one is the co-implementation of one of the largest deployments in Europe (for over 12.000 users), and the second one is the first place on the list of “The most affordable CRM software” in the world. YetiForce was selected out of over 550 CRM systems where jury evaluated the cost, functionalities in the system and customer feedback.

Capterra's ranking of most affordable CRMs

This award is even more valuable for us because we won in the category that is the most important from the customer’s perspective - the best solution in terms of quality/price. 

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