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"Best CRM Software for 2019"

Office for Personal Data Protection

"Data protection in the design phase - GDPR requirements in software development"

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"Highly efficient infrastructure in a system available in the SaaS model"


"Cybersecurity at Congress 590. Facebook as a threat to the state"


"Hyperscale cloud infrastructure hosts business critical applications"


"An interview with Błażej"

Institute of Computer Science and Production Management

"Production engineering. Solutions for practice."

Jedynka - Polish Radio

"Why do companies choose open software?"


"Overview and features of YetiForce"

"The 50 most creative in business"

Dziennik Internautów. Biznes i Prawo

"Business processes after the introduction of GDPR"

Dziennik Internautów

"Open source in business - free conference for open code enthusiasts"

"What is a CRM system? Types and examples of solutions for customer relationship management"


"SugarCRM Alternatives: The 3 Most Affordable Compared"

Słodki LIVE

"I try to employ modest people - Błażej Pabiszczak"

"The system must keep up with changes in business - Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o.o. "

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"In employees, I value the desire to develop most - Błażej Pabiszczak"

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"It is worth having support for key business solutions - Błażej Pabiszczak"

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"Are open CRM systems secure? - Błażej Pabiszczak"

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"Before implementing the IT system, we must determine the business objective of our company - Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o.o."

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"You need to be open to all systems available on the market - Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o.o."

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"In YetiForce work is in progress even after working hours - Mariusz Krzaczkowski YetiForce Sp. z o.o. "

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"IT system with open source code" - Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o.o."

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"What is the importance of a license in open source software? - Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o.o."

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"Open source means freedom – Błażej Pabiszczak YetiForce Sp. z o. o."


"Full report of security tests"


"The TOP 20 Most Affordable CRM Software"


"YetiForce CRM"


"YetiForce Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives"