YetiForce is the best open system in the world, equipped with a number of features and processes, that are crucial for managing companies and automating tasks. Here you will find a collection of articles that depending on your proficiency will provide you with essential information, from installation of the software to advanced configuration and custom module creation. Completing such versatile documentation is a long-term process, which is why together with the open source community, we work to improve the documentation's substantive and business levels.

Our documentation is open - if you have any comments, want to introduce changes, or write articles, then please let us know. We believe that an open system should also have open documentation, created together with the community, and what's most important – for the community. The documentation is first written in Polish, and then translated into English. It influences the order of publishing articles, and might also cause some linguistic errors to appear in the articles. Let us know if you want to support us in publishing the documentation in other languages! 

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