Administrator documentation

Below you will find a set of articles that describe the YetiForce configuration panel. They will help you understand the technical and business possibilities of adjusting the application to the current needs of the organization. Changes made by the administrator have a direct impact on the entire application, they should be introduced carefully and tested without affecting the production environment in which users work on a daily basis.

Marketplace (4)

In Marketplace you can find add-ons and services dedicated to the YetiForce system, created by experts [the producer and its partners].

Organization (0)

Configure the key mechanisms and parameters such as company details, taxes, and currencies in your organization.
Module management

Module management (5)

Expand and adjust the system to the profile of your organization, using several ready-made tools built into the system.

Automation (1)

Simplify processes in the organization using built-in workflow mechanisms and automate recurring activities.

Proceses (1)

Configure and manage the processes built into the YetiForce system, adjusting them to individual departments within the organization.

FAQ (1)

Read the most common questions and answers regarding the configuration and management of the YetiForce system.

Dashboard (0)

The main screen that allows for central monitoring of the entire application. It provides important information in a condensed manner.

Permissions (9)

Advanced tools that empower users to access functionality, actions, and data throughout the application.
Layout and printouts

Layout and printouts (1)

Customize the menu, colors, and printouts in order for the application to be even more personalized and meet the expectations of users.

Integration (7)

Enable and configure the built-in integrations that allow YetiForce to synchronize with external services.

Server (3)

Check and monitor the configuration of the most important parameters for the server running the YetiForce application.
Threat monitoring

Threat monitoring (1)

A centralized place that allows you to monitor threats and respond to incidents related to the operation of the YetiForce system.

Security (1)

Configure key policies, rules and parameters for sensitive data to increase the overall level of security.

Mailbox (3)

A set of tools that allows you to configure the IMAP mail scanner for the entire organization and configure the email client.

API (0)

A panel that allows configuration of permissions and accesses for external services that want to communicate directly with YetiForce.
About application

About application (0)

The most important information about the application, licensing and the entire open source community contributing to YetiForce.