Integration Enable and configure the built-in integrations that allow YetiForce to synchronize with external services.

LDAP (0)

Address search (0)

Module allowing to search/ autocomplete address during creating/editing data within the system.

Magento (1)

YetiForce's integration with Magento allows for full automation and synchronization of the most important data and the automation of several processes.

Wapro ERP (0)

Integration with the Asseco Wapro ERP system

Currency update (0)

Options for setting systems built in currency conversion rates.

Map (0)

Record collectors (1)

Configuration Panel for required data (ex. API Key, Username) for connecting with services that provide companies data.

PBX (0)

Integration with PBX allows to make calls directly from the CRM system

DAV Applications (2)

Create and manage DAV keys

Mail integration panel (1)

CRM as an integration panel in an external mail client