Change password

There are a few functionalities in the YetiForce CRM system that allow you to change the password. You can do it in the admin panel, by adding a new item in the menu, or by changing parameters in the config/security.php file. Below you can find more information on where to change the password, and who can do that.

Help icons

01 help

Help icons are a simple mechanism that allows to add detailed information to every field within the system. We recommend using this kind of supporting information for business fields, e.g. statuses, stages, fields that are automatically updated, etc. Each help icon might be translated individually to every language.

Mass SMS

Mass SMS feature is available for "Leads", "Accounts", and "Contacts" modules. Before you can send SMS you have to configure the SMS API Provider in the system

Server configuration


YetiForce allows for an additional mechanism to regularly verify the server configuration. Sometimes the configuration may change and, although, it is verified during the installation process, it should be checked on a regular basis. In order to check the parameters, it is required to go to the page tab "Server configuration".    

SMS provider configuration

One of the functionalities available in the YetiForce system is the ability to send SMS directly from the system. This functionality can be found in the admin panel in “System settings”. In the menu, select “Integration” and then “SMS provider configuration”. It is only available to users who have purchased SMS API service from an external provider.