Company's organizational structure - basics

In the system, there is a built-in Roles module that allows for mapping the company's organizational structure. The mechanism can reflect even the most complex structure. In order to configure this module, you need to go to "Software configuration" and select "Permissions" and "Roles".

Deactivate users in the system

If you want to block access to the system for some users, you can do in the Users module. Go to the admin panel by clicking a "Software configuration" button and select "Permissions" and "Users".


YetiForce has the ability to lock certain system features in order to, e.g. store and copy data in a secure manner. This functionality is located in the admin panel in "Software configuration". In the menu, select "Permissions" and "Locks".

Module access - basic information

YetiForce provides two options for setting permissions to records. You can select public access that allows all users (who have access to this module) to see all records, or private access that defines new visibility rules (by default everyone sees their own records and users higher in hierarchy see their subordinates' records). Permissions can be changed in the admin panel: "Software configuration" and select "Permissions" and "Module access".

Module access - exceptions

YetiForce allows adding exceptions, so other users can also have access to records they didn't create regardless of their role in the system or whether they are owners of this record or not. Such exceptions can be defined in the admin panel. Go to "Software configuration" and select "Permissions" and "Module access".

Special access to records

When we have already added users to the system and defined roles and profiles, it may also be necessary to expand access for some users to particular records. It can be changed in the admin panel. Go to "Software configuration" and select "Permissions" and "Special access".

Users module - basic information

One of the first modules that should be completed at the beginning of working with YetiForce is Users. It's primary purpose is to gather all users who will have access to the system. This module is available when you click a "Software configuration" button which takes you to the admin panel. In the menu select "Permissions" and then "Users".