Permissions Advanced tools that empower users to access functionality, actions, and data throughout the application. In the system, you can manage users, map the organizational structure of the company, define permissions to data and functionalities, create and manage groups.

Users (2)

Configuration panel allowing for full user management and customization of individual settings in the system.

Groups (0)

Add and manage groups that allow assigning multiple users to all data (records) in the system.

Advanced permissions (1)

Configure advanced permissions based on complex access rules that require many intermediate calculations.

"Share with" permission field (0)

Panel that allows for custom configuration of users and groups for the system "Share with" permission field.

Roles (1)

Add and manage roles that create structured permission dependencies between user teams across your organization.

Assign owner (0)

Panel allowing for custom configuration of users and groups for the "Assigned To" field.

Custom permissions (0)

Manage custom permissions, which give access to all data in the system, regardless of standard permissions.

Profiles (1)

Grant permissions to functionalities, fields, tools and actions that can be used by users during their daily work in the system.

Standard permissions (4)

Grant and revoke users standard permissions to data in all functionalities that have records.

Switch users (0)

A simple tool that allows to grant users full access to the interface of other users in the YetiForce CRM system.