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There are a few functionalities in the YetiForce CRM system that allow you to change the password. You can do it in the admin panel, by adding a new item in the menu, or by changing parameters in the config/security.php file. Below you can find more information on where to change the password, and who can do that.

1. Reset the password in the admin panel 

2. Add a new menu item

3. Reset the password via email

4. Allow users to edit their information  

The first method is only available to users with administrator privileges. After switching to the settings panel go to “Permissions” and then “Users”.

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Select the user whose password you want to change and click on their name

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In the upper right corner, you will see the “Change password” button. After you click on it a pop up window will appear and ask for a new password.

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Once you enter the new password click “Change password”. The system will then save the new password for this user. All you have to do is send the new password to the user.

Another way to change the password is to allow the user to change her or his own password. In order to do that log on a profile with admin privileges and go to System settings -> “Standard modules” -> “Menu - Configuration”.

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Click on the “+ Add menu item” button.

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Select “Profile” from the dropdown list and click “Next”.

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Enter the name, pick an icon and click “Add”. From now on the user will see an icon in their menu that allows them to change their password.

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After they select “Change the login password” they will see the standard password change window.

The third method is to change the password via email. In order to do so, you have to change the RESET_LOGIN_PASSWORD to true in the config/security.php file ('RESET_LOGIN_PASSWORD' => true). This change will cause an additional button to appear on the login screen that allows users to change their passwords.

	// Possible to reset the password while logging in (true/false)


Once a user clicks the “Forgot password?” button, they will see a new screen where they can fill in their logins and email addresses and then receive a link via email. When they click on the link they will see a pop up window that will allow them to enter a new password.


The last method to change the password is to let the users access their information and change it. In order to do it set the parameter SHOW_MY_PREFERENCES to true in the config/security.php, e.g. 'SHOW_MY_PREFERENCES' => true.

// Show my preferences
	// Changing the settings by the user is possible true/false

Changing this parameter will allow the users to change the password using the “My preferences” button in the right corner of the screen.

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Once they click on this icon the system will redirect them to another page, where they will be able to change their password and more profile-related information.

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  • Thursday, 03 August 2017