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The server configuration panel is a place where you can preview the settings of all the parameters of a server where the CRM is located.
The functionality can be extremely useful especially if you experience system errors - the server configuration panel will highlight in red all the parameters and settings that don’t meet YetiForce CRM’s requirements. Apart from the functions listed above, for our users’ convenience, the panel has been expanded by the following options: 
  • Download configuration - allows you to save the entire configuration together with the items highlighted in red  as a .png file. Thanks to this solution you can quickly download and send the file to the appropriate specialist to analyze.

download config

  • Check the latest PHP version - allows you to check the latest available PHP version directly from the CRM. 
  • Server speed test - displays a pop up window with information about your server, its CPU, RAM. drive, and database. This summary can also be saved as an image.
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  • Tuesday, 28 April 2020