Mail scanner

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YetiForce system has a built-in and flexible mail scanner that allows to login to mailboxes automatically and perform certain actions depending on which actions are configured. The scanner helps to automate the processes in which emails are inseparable elements.  


In order for the scanner to work properly, a few elements must be configured with both the system and the server. Incorrect scanner configuration may have a negative impact on the stability of the system. We recommend adequate expertise to perform the configuration and to ensure proper data archiving and backup copies. 

Please make sure that the server is configured properly and all required libraries are installed. In order to do it, please go to a page tab "Server configuration" available in the panel. If the server doesn't comply with the requirements, it is necessary to adjust it, because otherwise the application may not work properly. 

Add email accounts

02 setting mail server empty

By default, there are no email accounts in the scanner. To enable email accounts, login to an account from a user level. If the authorization is successful, the system will automatically save login data in the database. Configure the parameters for the mail server before the first login attempt. These parameters are available in the page tab Mail Client. By default the configuration allows login to Google accounts [private and business accounts].  After making sure that the configuration data is correct, try to login to an email account. In order to do it, go to My Mailbox module. A screen similar to the one below will appear: 
03Enter a username and a password [the system will download other parameters from the configuration]. If the data is correct, a screen similar to the one below will appear: 

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Now a new account is visible from the scanner level and other parameters can be configured here: 

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Additionally each user should have an account to which the system will automatically assign records that are created by the mail scanner. Setting an appropriate user or group is very important because it will be informed about any new tickets that need to be verified and assigned to an adequate employee. 

Available actions

There are ten actions available that automate many activities. Additional actions are possible by copying and modifying any currently available action. Below is a list of actions with their descriptions: 
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Folder configuration

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Actions that have been configured (the point above) will work automatically (in cron) only when the folders are properly configured. If the folders are not t selected then emails will only be scanned manually. It also happens if a solder has not been selected for scanning.


One folder cannot be assigned to two types of emails or all folders cannot be selected.


Selecting the same folder in more than one type will cause the scanner to scan one email multiple times. This misconfiguration impacts mail scanner’s efficiency and slows it down.

Correct configuration should look like this:


There is no need to assign all folders, in some cases, for example in case of Google accounts, it is enough to configure the "All" folder, where all the emails are. Marking an email as sent/received is based on email addresses instead of folders.

Search mail configuration

In the global configuration it is possible to configure email fields in which the scanner will search for records to map. This configuration is important for performing a proper relation of emails with leads, organizations, contacts, vendors, users or employees.   

The scheduler [cron]

Cron must be configured properly in order for the scanner to work. To verify cron configuration, proceed to the page tab available in the panel.