Mass SMS

Mass SMS feature is available for "Leads", "Accounts", and "Contacts" modules. Before you can send SMS you have to configure the SMS API Provider in the system

After selecting the module, mark the records where the SMS will be sent, and then in the "Actions" menu select the “Mass SMS” option.

01In the new window, in the field “Step 1: select the phone number fields to send” you need to define from which field the system will retrieve the numbers to be sent. There are three options to select from: “Primary phone”, “Secondary phone” and “Fax”. After selecting, go to “Step 2” where you type the message, which cannot be longer than 160 characters.


The last step is to press “Send”. CRON configuration controls when the messages will be sent. The settings can be modified in “System configuration” in the “Automation” module after selecting "CRON".

  • Friday, 11 August 2017