Outgoing mail server


In order to enable the option of sending email notifications, it is required to configure the outgoing mail server. The configuration is very simple, which means that it is required to fill in only a few fields. Before starting, prepare necessary access data received from a server administrator, or which was downloaded from an email panel. 


First fill in the following fields: 
  1. Server name - this is an address to the smtp server, it can take a variety of forms [in yetiforce.com it is the domain name that needs to be changed]: 
    • yetiforce.com
    • smtp.yetiforce.com
    • smtp.yetiforce.com:587
    • ssl://yetiforce.com:465
  2. User name [e.g. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] - a user name that is required for the authentication on the email server.
  3. Password - a password required for the authentication on the email server. 
  4. From email - an email address [sometimes it's the same as a user name] that will be entered as an address from which an email has been sent. Please note that you should enter an email address that is assigned to this specific user (in a field filled in above) and not just any email address. If this field hasn't been configured, the system will enter an email address provided in the configuration as an address for notifications. 
  5. Requires authentication - the majority of servers requires this option to be enabled, otherwise, the authentication won't be possible. 
When data has not been entered properly or when a connection isn't possible [e.g. the server port is blocked], the system won't allow to save the configuration and the following information will appear: 
Test Mail Status : Mail could not be sent to the admin user. Please check the admin emailid/Server settings
If all data is correct and the script will login to the server, the following tasks will be executed:
  • The configuration will be saved.
  • A notification informing about a successful SMTP server configuration will be received. This email will be sent to the person who configured the SMTP server.

02 settings smtp view


When any problems with the configuration of the SMTP server appear, first double check and verify whether provided data is accurate [e.g. enter it to Thunderbird or any other email client as a test]. If the data is correct, it is necessary to contact the email server administrator to check whether they receive authentication attempts logs when the configuration is saved. Usually the problem can be seen there [e.g. why the server rejected the authentication]. However, there might be a few reasons, from incorrect data to port blocking. Additionally, in case of an error, information from the server should appear in the application logs. If problems to configure mailbox continue, ask someone with expertise in this field to help or purchase a support package. The problems with the configuration of outgoing server require the analyses of both sides - the server and the application as well as knowledgeable engineers.

  • Thursday, 10 August 2017