Server configuration


YetiForce allows for an additional mechanism to regularly verify the server configuration. Sometimes the configuration may change and, although, it is verified during the installation process, it should be checked on a regular basis. In order to check the parameters, it is required to go to the page tab "Server configuration".    

The parameters are clear so they won't be described in this article. However, it is important that the server meets as many requirements as possible, because particular tools use them in various situations. The page has been divided to the following sections:  
  1. YetiForce Engine
  2. RoundCube Engine
  3. Permissions

The first section contains all necessary parameters for the YetiForce software to work. The second section has all parameters for the mail client. If the Mailbox module is not going to be used, these parameters don't apply. The last section informs about permissions to read/write in particular files/folders. Some parameters are located in the sections only for information purposes, e.g. to know the file location, and they are not of great importance for the software to work properly.  Not all database engines need to be installed, there is only one that is always the most important [engine chosen during the installation], and it's mysql in most cases, because YetiForce is based on it.  

In the future, we are going to add the possibility to save the configuration to a file.

  • Thursday, 10 August 2017