SMS provider configuration

One of the functionalities available in the YetiForce system is the ability to send SMS directly from the system. This functionality can be found in the admin panel in “System settings”. In the menu, select “Integration” and then “SMS provider configuration”. It is only available to users who have purchased SMS API service from an external provider.
In order to use the SMS service in the YetiForce system, you need to first generate an API key from your provider. If you already have the key, you need to configure the SMS provider in the YetiForce system. When you switch to the “SMS provider configuration” module, select “New configuration”.
01In the new window, select SMS API provider in the “Provider” field. Then, select “Active” in the “Status” field and paste the key that you generated earlier into the “API key” field.
02At the end, click “Save”.
  • Friday, 11 August 2017