YetiForce Automatic Assignment


The functionality can be configured in Software configuration → Permissions → Autoassign records



The following settings blocks are available in the panel:  

    • Basic data - functionalities, i.e. selecting the module and the place where the functionality is enabled;
    • Conditions for the record - setting the conditions that the record must meet in order for it to be automatically assigned;
    • Users to be assigned - including the default option when none of the set users meets the availability criteria;
    • Conditions for user selection - which constitute the basis for the selection of previously selected users. There are currently two selection methods available: Load Balanced, Round Robin.

The mechanism works only for users who have automatic record assignment enabled. It does not apply to the default option.



In the first section of the settings there are three places where automatic assignment process can be started.

  • Available workflow

Selecting this option will make it available in workflow actions, which will enable e.g. automatic assignment of already existing entries.

  • Active - before save 

The option activates automatic record assignment only for newly created records, i.e. before their creation.

  • Available in GUI 

This option allows you to manually assign a record. If all the conditions are met, i.e. the criteria set for the record and the permission to the automatic assignment action has been granted in the profile of a given user, the manual assignment button will appear on the record preview.

  Once you click the button you will see a popup with properly sorted users who can be assigned to the records.

  • Tuesday, 01 March 2022