YetiForce Kanban Board


The Kanban board is a tool used mainly for project management, but in YetiForce CRM this view is available in all user modules where data is stored. Kanban helps to visualize data by grouping them in various ways, effectively define the amount of work in progress and increase efficiency

Boards in the Kanban view use cards and columns that can be easily configured in the panel according to the needs of your company. Moreover, in the YetiForce CRM system, you can create multiple tables for one module that will present the data grouped in various ways.

The YetiForce Kanban Board is a subscription based addon available in our Marketplace - Buy YetiForce Kanban Board



The configuration panel for  the YetiForce Kanban Board can be found in Software configuration  → Standard modules → Kanban


From the list of available modules in the upper right corner of the screen, select the module where the Kanban board should be available:


The click "+ Add board" and select the field used to create a board in the module picked in the previous step:


Once you click "Add" the board will be be available in the selected module.

There are two multi select fields available:

  • Detail fields - list of fields used to display data from records in the Kanban Board. If the field has an icon, the icon will be visible on the board. All fields from the system are available according to users permissions. 
    Kanban board view:
  • Summation fields -list of fields to be summed for a given value (Kanban column) where Kanban is displayed. Only numeric fields are available where summation operations can be performed.
    Kanban Board view:

The data in the pick list is saved automatically upon each change.

Kanban view in modules

To display Kanban Boards in a module where you previously configured the boards, select the module from the menu and pick the Kanban view from the list of all available views:


If more tables have been configured in a given module, they will be visible as tabs. Switch between tabs to view different boards:


Moving elements

To move elements simply drag and drop them by the bottom bar. The mouse cursor will change into and allow you to drag the window.



Users need permissions for the Kanban board in order to be able to use it. 

To grant the permissions go to Software configuration → Permissions → Profiles, select a profile and enable the "Kanban" option. 


  • Friday, 08 April 2022