How to add an image via Rest API

version: 6.2 or later

This article describes how to add images via Rest API in fields that support such files in YetiForce CRM.

The application has two types of fields that support graphic files, namely:

  • Image
  • Image (many)

Before continuing, please research the methods and ways of communication described here:

Adding an image

The difficulty with adding a graphic file is the proper preparation of fields in the query. At the beginning, you should prepare a list of fields that should be completed when creating / editing a record via API. 

Modules' field structure can be found in the field edition panel in Software configuration → Standard modules → Edit fields

Once you're familiar with the structure you can proceed with API queries.

Each graphic file created at the API level requires three variables:

  • name 
    Field name
  • key
    Random of characters string, unique within the pool of graphic files of a given field
  • baseContent
    Graphic file converted to base64


Below you can find an example of an image added to a Contact using Postman:


  • Thursday, 30 September 2021