YetiForce 1.1 Developer

YetiForce regularnie publikuje nowe wersje oprogramowania. Każda nowa wersja zawiera poprawki błędów, ulepszenia oraz nowe funkcjonalności. YetiForce 1.1 Developer opublikowano 8 stycznia 2015. Listy zmian dla pozostałych wersji można znaleźć w poszczególnych artykułach znajdujących się w tym samym podmenu.

Updates and enhancements:

- Uploaded changes from Vtiger 6.2.0 rev. 14388 [only these that we considered essential, e.g. changes within their shop were ignored].
- Language updates (PL_PL, EN_US, DE_DE) and a new language in a beta version: PT_BR. We would like to thank new developers for github!
- Optimized records coloring within lists.
- Optimized widgets in a record summary.
- Fixed a bug that disabled the function of generating modules from a console.
- Fixed special functions in PDF.
- Error logs from php server moved to the logs directory.
- Fixed numerous minor bugs.

New functionalities:

- An option enabling permissions to edit comments was added to profiles.
- Added a module for system updates.
- Added a Backup module. 
- Added readcrumbs menu. 
- Added a tool for verifying the configuration of parameters and permissions on the server. 
- Added D3js - Data-Driven Documents library.
- Optimized data loading in uitype10 fields.
- Added new displaytype 10.
- Added Widget KPI [it is going to be improved and optimized].
- iCal support! Now you can accept invitations and send them from an email client level!
- Added a new autocomplete mechanism for email addresses within an email client.
- Added a possibility to color some elements [adding a color in a module menu e.g. Accounts results in having the same color in a breadcrumbs menu and in a record list).
- A possibility to manage widgets from a startup screen was added to a panel!


- Remote access to the following directories was blocked: api, backup, cache\addressBook, logs, session, storage.

Optimization of processes:

- Added new fields.
- Changed logics of fields within Tickets module.
- Moved the management of calendar filters to a panel.
- Optimized a mechanism calculating tax.

YetiForce 1.0 was the first version released in 2014.

  • Tuesday, 08 August 2017