Implementer documentation

The materials available on this website are intended for open source enthusiasts, potential customers, YetiForce customers, and partners. Using them in your own materials requires permission.

GitHub (8)

The most important information about reporting bugs in the functioning of YetiForce via the GitHub platform, and information about managing reports and ideas for system development.

Configuration (1)

Information on the correct configuration of various elements and functionalities of YetiForce CRM essential for the implementation.
Import / Export

Import / Export (1)

The YetiForce CRM system has built-in advanced tools that will allow you to import and export company data.
Open source in the company

Open source in the company (9)

We have gathered all the important information regarding licensing of open source projects in one place, which is important from a business perspective for implementation needs.
Installation / Updates

Installation / Updates (14)

Everything you need to know before performing the installation or updates of YetiForce CRM to avoid errors and problems.
Secure by design & default

Secure by design & default (0)

Description of the YetiForce system in terms of security, including architecture, software development rules and default parameters that have been set in the application.

Security (1)

Choosing secure software is one of the most important stages of preparation for implementation, therefore we have written articles that describe how YetiForce meets the highest security standards.

Optimization (3)

Articles about the optimization of processes and mechanisms in YetiForce CRM in order to obtain maximum system performance.

Procedures (1)

Documentation and procedures intended for our clients and partners (Integrator level) who are interested in the advanced implementation of the YetiForce system.