Open source in the company

We have gathered all the important information regarding licensing of open source projects in one place, which is important from a business perspective for implementation needs.

Benefits of open source software

Open source software is the perfect choice for organizations that expect something more than standard solutions, check out the key benefits perfect for any business.

Copyright transfer

The YetiForce Public License in no way limits copyright transfers for changes that were introduced by individuals, companies, the producer, or partners.

Dependent library licenses

Each large business application uses a number of dependent libraries, and each of these libraries saves time and resources that may be used for other parts of the system.

License change vs. contributors

Every person who contributes to the YetiForce software from the outside of our organization must sign a CLA, which specifies the rules under which the co-developed code is distributed.

Open source by YetiForce

We have created an amazing product distributed as open source software that provides unlimited possibilities for business. Learn about the advantages of YetiForce Public License v4 and use it in your organization.

The source code of the YetiForce system

Currently, all products distributed by YetiForce are under open source licenses, so they provide access to the source code that can be viewed, copied, modified, and distributed.

What is a license

A license is an authorization to use someone's intangible property, for example software. Licenses contain crucial information about our rights and obligations, regardless of the type of license.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is a type of license that allows the copyright owner to grant users the rights to research, change, and distribute the software under a free software license.

What is source code?

The most important advantage of open source is the possibility to access the application's source code, which in practice means having access to the code that is the result of the developer's work.