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Analiza nagłówków [Observatory]

W internecie jest dostępnych wiele narzędzi online, które pozwalają producentom, dostawcom i klientom weryfikować aktualny stan zabezpieczeń ustawiony dla systemu dostępnego online. Choć systemy klasy CRM/ERP najczęściej nie są dostępne publicznie, o tyle wersje demo producentów już tak.

Analysis of open source systems with Observatory

Analiza otwartych systemów CRM

There are many tools available online that allow producers, providers, and customers to verify the current security status set for an online system. Although CRM/ERP systems are not usually publicly available, demo versions can be easily accessed. We will try to explain security issues that are significant for every web system, especially for open source projects that can be adjusted to everyone’s individual requirements, including those related to security.

Automation of notifications in tickets


If YetiForce is meant to be a key tool for the optimization of procedures, then some of the processes need to be automated. One of the ways to do it, is to automate the support process, which is based on the Tickets module. All tools required for it are built-in by default to YetiForce so they need to be activated and adjusted to the requirements of a company. 

Automatyzacja powiadomień w zgłoszeniach

Artykuł opisuje automatyzację powiadomień w zgłoszeniach w celu optymalizacji jednego z najbardziej kluczowych procesów w systemie CRM. 

B2C vs B2B - in marketing


Many users often ask whether the system is dedicated for B2B or may it also include B2C. If you look at it from a business point of view and analyse marketing processes, you realize that these groups are nearly the same, because you have to perform similar actions to win them. In this article, we will only focus on the marketing aspect, because in the sales process there are different considerations and are addressed in a separate post.  

B2C vs B2B - w marketingu

Czy system YetiForce jest przeznaczony dla B2B, czy też dla B2C? Ten artykuł odpowiada na te częste pytania uzytkowników.

Benefits of open source software

Open source software is the perfect choice for organizations that expect something more than standard solutions, check out the key benefits perfect for any business.

Building the community around YetiForce

We aim at building a large community around YetiForce and we hope that together we will create and develop the best open system for companies. Our project can be found on GitHub where communities and open projects complement one another and define a common direction of development. YetiForce is open source, which means that everyone who likes the system can join the community, make changes and contribute to the project. We have developed some general principles that will determine the discussion standards.


Charts are used to present data, their variability and relations between them. Displaying gathered pieces of information in the form of diagrams makes it significantly easier to understand the content and links between them.

The YetiForce system provides the option to add graphs based on filters that can be created and modified to fit the users’ preferences using data from more than 50 modules. Thanks to this solution we no longer have to analyze the data on our own because the system will do that for us.

Copyright transfer

The YetiForce Public License in no way limits copyright transfers for changes that were introduced by individuals, companies, the producer, or partners.

Creating system fields

This article describes a mechanism used to create system fields that are the same as pre-existing fields or must have specific parameters.

Dashboard - informacje podstawowe

Ekran monitorowania systemu prezentuje trzy różne typy informacji [ostrzeżenia systemowe zaszyte przez producenta, widżety z ważnymi informacjami o systemie oraz blok ze skrótami, które pozwalają szybciej przejść do ulubionych narzędzi.

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