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This panel controls the appearance of related record tabs visible in record view. 

Skróty klawiszowe

Zestaw skrótów klawiszowych dostępnych w YetiForce CRM i Portalu klienta.

SLA time calculation

The article describes the SLA time calculation mechanism.


System update

The process of system update is simpler than the installation or migration process, so every YetiForce CRM administrator should be able to cope with it. One of the most important things that you need to remember is that before attempting to update the system, you should always make a backup copy and begin the process on the testing environment. Updates performed directly on production are one of the most common mistakes made by young administrators. 


Słowniki - konfiguracja zliczania czasu

Aby system wiedział jak prawidłowo zliczać czasy na bazie określonych polityk SLA, wymagane jest określenie wartości w słowniku (najlepiej aby to pole było obowiązkowe) np. bazujące na statusie.

The source code of the YetiForce system

Currently, all products distributed by YetiForce are under open source licenses, so they provide access to the source code that can be viewed, copied, modified, and distributed.

Tworzenie pól systemowych

Dla ułatwienia tworzenia tych samych pól lub pól które muszą mieć określone parametry został dodany mechanizm tworzenie pól systemowych.

Tworzenie pola z poziomu skryptu

Artykuł opisuje sposoby tworzenia pól z poziomu skryptu

Tworzenie rekordu za pomocą skryptu

Artykuł opisuje sposoby tworzenia rekordów z poziomu skryptu

Verification of the purpose of the visit and user switching

The article describes the functionality of verifying the purpose of the visit and the reason for switching between CRM users.

Web server requirements

YetiForce CRM requires a proper web server configuration. It is a key element for the process of installation as well as for the system to be stable. Most professional web servers meet the requirements presented below. However, in case your server does not meet all the requirements, ask your administrator to adjust the configuration and send him a link to this article. If your administator cannot change the configuration, it might be time to consider upgrading your server.  

01 server www2

Weryfikacja celu wizyty i przełączania użytkowników

Artykuł opisuje funkcjonalność weryfikacji celu wizyty oraz powodu przełączania między użytkownikami CRM.

What is a license

A license is an authorization to use someone's intangible property, for example software. Licenses contain crucial information about our rights and obligations, regardless of the type of license.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is a type of license that allows the copyright owner to grant users the rights to research, change, and distribute the software under a free software license.

What is source code?

The most important advantage of open source is the possibility to access the application's source code, which in practice means having access to the code that is the result of the developer's work.
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