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End User Requirements

The article lists requirements regarding end users.

Logs - server - configuartion

The server configuration panel is a place where you can preview the settings of all the parameters of a server where the CRM is located.

Web server requirements

YetiForce CRM requires a proper web server configuration. It is a key element for the process of installation as well as for the system to be stable. Most professional web servers meet the requirements presented below. However, in case your server does not meet all the requirements, ask your administrator to adjust the configuration and send him a link to this article. If your administator cannot change the configuration, it might be time to consider upgrading your server.  

01 server www2

Web server requirements for YetiForce Portal

YetiForce Portal places certain requirements on web servers - their customization is crucial for the proper functioning of the system. Incorrect server configuration is the most common cause of various problems.