B2C vs B2B - in marketing


Many users often ask whether the system is dedicated for B2B or may it also include B2C. If you look at it from a business point of view and analyse marketing processes, you realize that these groups are nearly the same, because you have to perform similar actions to win them. In this article, we will only focus on the marketing aspect, because in the sales process there are different considerations and are addressed in a separate post.  

Business description

To start with, it's best to explain what B2B and B2C are: 
  • B2B [Business to Business] - It's a cooperation between companies. 
  • B2C [Business to Consumer- It's a cooperation between a company and an end customer.

It's worth to emphasize that B2C does not mean that only private individuals might be your customers. B2C means selling products/services directly to their consumers [it might be companies, private individuals, institutions, etc.] and B2B means selling products/services to companies/people who resell them. 

In case of B2B, it is common to set criteria to qualify companies to become leads. In some other cases, there are examples of B2B between individuals who do not conduct any economic activity, it is common in selling beauty products where a seller accepts no legal responsibility for people who are in a partnership program. In many countries [including Poland] this kind of activity is illegal, because such people should set up their own economic activity and pay taxes.  

Apart from the legal issues, the difference between B2B and B2C is determined mainly by the fact whether a person/company buying the products will resell them or needs them for personal use [becomes a consumer]. B2B does not always mean a cooperation between companies, in some exceptional cases, it is simply a cooperation between contractors. 

It should be noted that YetiForce does not impose a single way of defining B2B/B2C, but it shows the way of thinking defined by the producer. It means that in your own company you can turn the processes inside out and adjust them to the profile of your economic activity. 

How to distinguish leads

In many systems, a lead is a person for whom a name and a surname can be added as well as any other additional information such as phone, email etc. In the YetiForce system, a lead can be an individual person as well as a company. We agreed on the following rule for distinguishing relations:  
Identify a relation
A new field has been created in order to identify a relation. The field has two values: 
  • B2C - selected by default
  • B2B
The relation field is mandatory, but is can be disabled from a panel level if there is only one type of a relation in a particular company. 


If you expected to read here how to enter a company or a private individual to the system, you should have a look at our another post. This article discusses the basic types of relations.
  • Thursday, 10 August 2017