Email notifications mechanism

The article describes a mechanism used to send email notifications related to changes entered in various records.

The mechanism can be accessed from the notification panel in the CRM (bell button   in the upper right corner) by clicking the settings button in the bottom right corner of the screen:

powiadomienia email 1

Notifications for each module can be enabled by clicking the bell button next to the selected module:

powiadomienia email 2

Here you can also define how often the notifications are going to be sent, for example, notifications from an entire day can be sent in one email. 

- notifications for this mofule are enabled

- notifications for this module are disabled

Sent notifications are marked as read if the AUTO_MARK_NOTIFICATIONS_READ_AFTER_EMAIL_SEND parameter is set to true in the config/Modules/Notifications file:

 * Configuration file: Config\Modules\Notification.
class Notification
 /* Auto refresh reminders in header */
 public static $AUTO_REFRESH_REMINDERS = true;
 /* Auto mark notifications as readed after send emails to users */
 /* Max number of notifications to display, 0 - no limits */
 public static $MAX_NUMBER_NOTIFICATIONS = 200;
  • Monday, 18 October 2021