Passwords module

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version: 6.3 and later

The module allows you to store passwords and logins used for different websites, create new secure passwords, and relate passwords with other records directly in YetiForce CRM.

1. Creating new passwords

The module can be found in Virtual desk  → Passwords by default.

Follow these steps to add a new password:

  1. In the user's panel on the left click "Virtual desk"
  2. Select the "Passwords" module
  3. Click the "+ Add record" button

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A new window will appear where you'll be able to add a new password.


By default, the following fields are available in this module:

  • Key name - name of the record that will be created in YetiForce CRM, this is not the user login
  • User namea - the user's login / ID
  • Website - URL for the website where the account is
  • Password- the password needed to log in
  • Related to - if the password is related with another record in the CRM jeśli hasło powiązane jest z innym rekordem w systemie
  • Contact - if the password is related with a contact in the CRM
  • Department - in case of companies with multiple departments

2. Creating new passwords made easy

Next to the "Password" field you can find additional buttons that will help you create a strong and safe password:

  • Generate a password
    It generates a new password based on the settings defined in Software configuration → Security → Passwords - configuration.
  • Verify the password. 
     Verifies the password on two planes:
    • against the requirements defined in Software configuration → Security → Passwords - configuration.
    • in a database of compromised passwords (if you purchased the YetiForce Password Security addon)
When you click the button you will see one of the following answers:
- positive:
94de2c54 - negative:
0c962fb3Entering a password that doesn't meet the requirements (getting a negative answer) still allows you to save the record.
  • Show hidden password 69be3388Clicking and holing the mouse button will display the password. 

Password strength is dynamically verified as you're typing the password - the system will display information about the strength in real time.


3. Edit saved passwords

In the password edit view, you don't have direct access to its content, the field is locked by default. The edit icon will only appear if you hover the mouse over the field.

Screenshot 2021 09 20 151443
 When you click the icon you will see hidden buttons that will allow you to edit the password:Screenshot 2021 09 20 151322
To change the password click one of the available buttons:

  • Clear - Clears the contents of the field so you can type in a new password.
  • 52c050cbGenerate a password - Unlocks the field and enters a new random password.
  • Load password - Unlocks the field and enters the current password.

4. Copying passwords

Each of the passwords saved in YetiForce CRM can be copied and then pasted in another place. Copying the password is possible everywhere where the password field is present. Double clicking the password will copy it to the clipboard. 6ce474e4


The entered password is not displayed anywhere in cleartext. Each time a user accesses a password an entry in the registry is generated, so that you have access to the full history of viewed passwords.

5. Encryption

Password encryption is one of the best ways to keep your data secure. Password encryption settings are available in the configuration panel. The system automatically blocks the ability to retrieve or edit passwords during encryption, so you can encrypt passwords without worrying that your data will be damaged.a68b0d10

  • Monday, 20 September 2021