Record collectors

Record collector is used to load data from various sources and enables displaying and loading data into the YetiForce CRM system.


The mechanism is available in all modules, however it has to be enabled and configured for each module to work correctly.
Currently there are two record collectors in the YetiForce CRM:

  • GUS - fetches data on companies registered in Poland from the Polish Statistical Office (GUS) and fills records using the data 
  • VIES - verifies whether a company is registered in the European Union, has a EU VAT number, and it displays basic information about the company

Available collectors









For the collector to work properly you have to check (☑) the "Record collector" field in the profile permission configuration panel (Software configuration → Permissions → Profiles) shown below:



How to add missing "record collector" action in profiles?

If you can't see the "records collector" action in profiles you should edit the following file: modules/Settings/ModuleManager/models/Module.php and add in the variable the following text (only if it's missing)

 * @var string[] Base module tools.
public static $baseModuleTools = ['Import', 'Export', 'Merge', 'CreateCustomFilter', 'DuplicateRecord', 'MassEdit', 'MassArchived', 'MassActive', 'MassDelete', 'MassAddComment', 'MassTransferOwnership', 'ReadRecord', 'WorkflowTrigger', 'Dashboard', 'CreateDashboardFilter', 'QuickExportToExcel', 'ExportPdf', 'RecordMapping', 'RecordMappingList', 'FavoriteRecords', 'WatchingRecords', 'WatchingModule', 'RemoveRelation', 'ReviewingUpdates', 'OpenRecord', 'CloseRecord', 'ReceivingMailNotifications', 'CreateDashboardChartFilter', 'TimeLineList', 'ArchiveRecord', 'ActiveRecord', 'MassTrash', 'MoveToTrash', 'RecordConventer', 'AutoAssignRecord', 'AssignToYourself', 'InterestsConflictUsers', 'RecordCollector'];

Then launch the \App\Db\Fixer::baseModuleTools() function that adds missing permissions (it's best to create a new PHP file that will later be deleted)

include_once 'include/main/WebUI.php';
echo App\Db\Fixer::baseModuleTools();
  • Thursday, 18 March 2021