Open Source CRM Conference - Google Campus, Warsaw

The first Open Source CRM Conference was filled with practical information about the YetiForce system, open source and sales tools that are useful in daily work.

The first Open Source CRM Conference is is now behind us and it turned out to be a great opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences between speakers and conference participants. The primary objective of the event was to popularise open source software and provide valuable tips for implementing a CRM system in a company.

The first presentations focused on i.a. reviewing open source CRM systems, comparing their development and quality, as well as discussing the advantages of open source systems over proprietary systems. A very important part were the presentations where participants could learn many practical things such as how to deploy an open source CRM system in practice or how to integrate a mailbox with a system. The case study of one of the largest deployments in Europe was analyzed too. There were also presentations about sales and marketing and the speakers also discussed the benefits of 360-degree customer view. The last presentation focused on the security of open source systems in practice.

Our speakers were also very popular during coffee breaks, which were a great opportunity to ask questions. There are so passionate about open source, so they were willing to answer questions and even when the conference was over, a group of people stayed longer and continued a discussion with our CEO - Błażej Pabiszczak.

The conference was free of charge for participants and the organizers provided drinks and catering. There were also prizes for each participant - everyone received a backpack with surprises inside. Those who agreed to give interview received something special.

We sincerely thank all participants for being a part of this event and we hope to see you next time. More information about the next planned conference can be found here.