Partnership Program
YetiForce Module Producer

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  1. Creating modules that comply with current technology standards as well as with the system’s architecture.
  2. Owning a GitHub account and active participation in the YetiForce repository.
  3. A Partner has to update their modules and provide support on GitHub on a regular basis.
  4. Correct registration of all YetiForce installations used by the Partner and the Partner’s clients.


  1. Direct support (chat, e-mail, GitHub) from the YetiForce team in terms of solving simple problems related to operation and configuration of the system. Support can be provided in Polish or English.
  2. Ability to use the “YetiForce Module Producer” logo on the Internet.
  3. Promotion in the partnership catalog on the official website and in the YetiForce system.
  4. 10% discount on all products offered in the marketplace by the YetiForce producer and other Partners (also for Partner’s own customers).
  5. An impact on the direction of system development and new functionalities.
  6. Audits of quality and compliance with standards for Partner’s modules.
  7. Security audits for Partner’s modules.


  1. The yearly pre-paid participation fee for the YetiForce Module Producer partnership is 100€.
    The price applies to the first purchase and regular renewal of the partnership. In case of irregular renewal, the price increases by 30%.
  2. The purchase commission is 20%.


The partner may not begin cooperation with an entity that orders work related to YetiForce CRM other than for the entity itself or for its related entity. This is to protect the interests of the Producer, in case the entity tries to omit the partnership fees. The restriction does not apply to a situation where the entities mentioned above are in the same capital group..