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One of the many advantages of open source software is the fact that everyone can contribute to its development. If you do not have any programming experience, but you would like to contribute to the YetiForce system, you can always help us develop our documentation or add translations of language files. If you are a developer who would like to contribute to YetiForce, please send us your comments regarding the code, bug fixes, or even entire functionalities.
Remember that system testing and bug reporting is also considered contribution to the development to the system, because if we do not know that there is a bug, we cannot fix it.
The YetiForce team would like to say thank you to all community members for your time, effort and help in striving to achieve our common goal - creating the best CRM system.
I want to report an error

I want to report an error

You can report all problems using Issues. Remember that before you report an error that exists in your system, you should check if it exists on the test version as well.
To make creating new Issues easier for you a ready-made template prepared by us will show up. If you fill it you will send us all the details needed to investigate your issue.
If you want to find out more about reporting issues check our documentation.
Report an issue
I want to send a Pull Request

I want to send a Pull Request

 Pull Request
Sending Pull Requests requires signing a CLA (Contributor License Agreement). This document protects you and our company from false copyright claims concerning the code. If we do not receive a signed CLA from you, we will unfortunately not be able to accept your Pull Requests.
You can send us translations, bug fixes, or entire functionalities using Pull Requests. We will first verify and accept them and then add to the system.
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