Actions to Increase Sales and Profits - YETIFORCE CRM enables companies to lead social media process with managed customer data.   

Our easy to use, custom-tailored CRM solutions are buyer-focused, permitting sales and marketing teams to build new and develop existing relationships that keep customers coming back. By leveraging data through guided social media campaigns, YETIFORCE helps companies to create the bonds that convert prospects into customers and customers into partners.

We aim to deliver revolutionary open software solutions on a worldwide scale. We base our company on the three value added principles:

  1. Customer service is first.
  2. Value is generated through innovation. 
  3. Partnership is a long term relationship.   

We believe in "earning" our profits as a consequence of our work. Our profits are a reflection of our customer's success and we see no limits to our growth.

We are a team of persistent and ambitious professionals who complement not only ourselves but our customers too. We design customized open sourced software with attention to detail. It is easy to use, yet powerful and covers a large range of activities. We regularly offer updates to utilize the most advanced software, so our customers have the best which is currently available.  

In a world that is changing so fast, complacency is the first step towards the end. We recognize that today's solution may be "old school" next year. We encourage questions and challenges; we invest in research and innovation.

The nature of software development has changed, and it's called open sourced. What this means is that throughout the world without the limitation of time or space, enthusiastic and dedicated programmers are constantly making advancements. There are no limits and we are fully aware of what this means. Although many traditional companies have enormous financial resources, they are often frozen in place. The software is free, the only way Yetiforce can grow is to service our customers. It is this new nature of business which forces us to go beyond just being good, everyday we must be prepared to implement new developments. Our team will break down the old walls and open new possibilities to grow your business. We have just arrived, and it's only the beginning. Innovative Productive Force. That's Yetiforce.



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